Our first week back after almost a three month shut down of business has been nothing but amazing. People, yes you, the client have been amazing. You have done nothing but listen, follow guidelines and most important, you have shown our entire staff, you care. None of this is easy for small business owners or their local communities across the country. Waiting, doing our part and reopening has been difficult in many ways. But when our doors opened Monday for the first time it may have felt like chaos for a moment. But in the first hour or two it was you, the client that kept us calm. You, the client wanted a handshake or a hug but couldn’t. You the client, showed us patience, compassion and your generosity. I know for a fact my entire staff thanks you. For me, I’ve been able to work in the hair industry for over 42 years and have clients call me “FRIEND”…. I am heartfelt❤️

Brad Marshall